• Who?

    This intensive is for students and teachers of yoga who want to deepen their learning, who are looking to expand the benefits of the practice through immersion in 7 days of nourishing and challenging, precise and playful yoga.

  • When?

    July 14-20, 2018

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  • Yoga has taught me to trust myself. At the end of the intensive I always feel energized and have a renewed sense of purpose in my practice. The intensive changes me in subtle ways which I notice days or even weeks after. It is a way to move me to a new level. I love it!
    Magda Aiton, Collins, Ohio
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a certain level of experience necessary?

There's no fixed prerequisite for attending. As a general guide, it's helpful for participants to have at least six months experience attending class regularly. Some experience with personal practice is also a plus, but not required.  

Sometimes people believe that if they can't do challenging asanas to a certain standard or form, that this would preclude them from participation. This is not necessarily the case. The ability to do difficult, complex yoga poses is not as important as having the awareness to work with one's limitations and challenges. We meet you where you're at. We meet you at your current capacity and offer support and resources for increasing that capacity.

Is it possible to do parts of the intensive?

Priority is given to those signing up for the whole program. It is possible to do sections of the intensive if spaces are available. Contact us for more information.

  • Tim Gemesi, Sarasota, Florida
    Doing the intensive has not only given me a restful break from my every day life, but has also helped expand my personal practice on and off the mat. Simple Yoga invigorated my attitude towards life, and has allowed me to face difficult times with more ease.
    Tim Gemesi, Sarasota, Florida

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